Collection: Floral Bouquet & Keepsake Preservation ~ Commission Request

These one of a kind preservation pieces are a way to capture moments and make them timeless.

We can now offer flower preservation in resin, displayed in beautiful clear blocks, your wedding, gift, engagement, the passing of a loved one, a special anniversary or just because bouquets can look amazing forever!

But don’t just stop at flowers, keepsake baby announcements and ID tags and more can be cherished on display and preserved also in these artistic blocks. 

Please contact me for a quote and to discuss your preservation needs as there are some limits, timeframes and exclusions that may apply. 

One off pre-made pieces will also be available from time to time here in my collection. 

Contact Allie at

Keepsake price list

Large Block Pieces (whole

Bouquet arrangements) Thickness 2-3” (approx 5-7cm)

12x9” Rectangle (approx 30x23cm) $695

10x10” Square (approx 25x25cm) $495

8x8” Square (approx 20x20cm) $395

10” Heart (approx 25cm across) $395

8x9” Hexagon (approx 20x23cm) $395


Additional Keepsake Options (part bouquet arrangements)

Resin Alphabet Letters 4” $35each and 6” $55each

7” Pyramid Bouquet (approx 15x17cm) $145

6x10” Cross (approx 25x15cm) $75

1.75x3.1” Geo Diamond Shape Ring Holder Small (approx 4.5x8cm) $50

2.5x4.1” Geo Diamond Shape Ring Holder Medium (approx 6.5x10.5cm) $60

3x5” Geo Diamond Shape Ring Holder Large (approx 8x12cm) $70

2x1.2x1.3” Cube Ring holder Large (approx 5x3x3.3cm) $50

1.6x1.2x1.3” Cube ring holder medium (approx 4x3x3.3cm) $40

1.2x1.2x1.3” Cube ring holder small (approx 3x3x3.3cm) $35

Diamond bottle topper 1.6x1.75” (approx 4x4.5cm) $55

15cmx4cm Crystal Point $70

6x4 Photo Frame $85

3” Cube (approx 8cm cubed) $90

4” Cube (approx 10cm cubed) $100

5” Cube (approx 12cm cubed) $120

Chunky coaster set of 4 (10cmx3cm) $60

7” Cupped Hands Dish (approx 18cm across) $75

A5 Notebook, Pen and Bookmark Set $85

Bookmarks $12 each

Pendant and chain Price on Request 

Floral Bouquet & Keepsake Preservation ~ Commission Request


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