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Brierley Hollow

“Swirly Pallet” Mini Handmade Resin Pyramid

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Do you like to meditate? Did you know pyramids are  widely used in this practice to create zen and channel energy. In many practices the pyramids contain special crystals and metals, called orgonites. Not only that, these unique little gifts make amazing paperweights and ornamental accents in your home or office!

Unless stated otherwise my pyramids are created as artistic pieces yet I love that the simple act of exploring the contents of my pyramids immediately takes me away from my reality and allows me to focus more, there use to do so I believe would be valuable in meditation practices and as a beautiful accent to any home.

15cm x 18cm  large resin pyramid.

6cm x 6cm Mini resin pyramid.

Large pyramids weigh approx 1.5kg

Mini pyramids weigh <500g

Handmade by Allie using high quality and embellished to creat various effects.

No two pyramids are ever the same, please note due to the handmade nature of my work, there may be some slight imperfections however every effort is made to ensure the highest quality products are made for you and your loved ones.

Pyramid comes signed by the artist and with a certificate of authenticity and rubber feet on the base.

Custom pyramids also welcome, please contact Allie for more details at