About Brierley Hollow.....

Allie Robinson

Hi! I'm Allie, I am a Penrith (Western Sydney) based mum, wife and artist who works mainly with acrylics, resin and pencil sketches, and more recently, exploring and working with laser cutting and engraving.
I have a strong and grounded background in the veterinary industry as both a vet nurse and in business management. I have always had a love of arts and crafts and have attended art classes and workshops in a variety of mediums from a young age. I am a mum of four children and loving wife and am blessed to have such a creative and supportive family also who help me in my hollow...OUR hollow!
Some of my works will feature abstract or surreal patterns, people and forms and I enjoy manipulating them to create pieces reflective of relationships and the emotional journey in my life.
I like to think my works bravely share with you my sometimes fragile self, juxtaposed with my elated moments as I journey through life.
As an adult I have struggled with my mental health due to a psychological injury and as part of my recovery turned to my creative passion during this time to heal and recover. Looking back I have always turned to art throughout my life and career as a way to cope with any turmoil and express and connect with my inner emotions and explore relationships. Brierley Hollow plays a very sincere, valuable and sentimental part in my recovery and life journey as a result.
This is why my studio and business Brierley Hollow was born, Brierley...also my middle name... and the name passed down through generations of creative women before me... and Hollow.. representing a warm welcome place where I can create pieces of art, crafts, gifts and more to share with you. Just as it has helped me to heal I also enjoy helping others on their journey and recently my family and I invested in a Lotus laser cutting and engraving machine, now I can create art blanks, boards and personalise artworks and laser engrave special pieces for you and your homes!
My family and I hope that through my art and products you can find and discover your own emotions and relate them to the relationships in your life and explore your own creative journey along side mine! Thank you for supporting Brierley Hollow